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Life insurance is about protecting your family’s future. That’s why with CoWest, your family comes first. With personalized and affordable coverage, CoWest is here to make it easy for people to protect the ones they love most.

You can get quotes in seconds and apply seamlessly in minutes from a computer, tablet, or phone. 60+ carriers, no fees, and no minimum requirements.

Why Do I Need Life Insurance

A lot can happen throughout your life and as your world changes, so do your life insurance needs.

You dream big. And since you’re just starting out as an adult, now’s the perfect time to protect the life you have ahead of you—at the best rate possible.

Life insurance can help you:

  • Establish yourself financially
  • Secure coverage and lower rates while you are young and in good health
  • Maintain coverage even if you change jobs or lose employer coverage
  • Protect co-signers or family from student debt should anything happen to you

You’re experiencing some of the biggest and best moments of your life. From expecting a new baby to buying your first house, at this stage, you have a lot to protect.

Life insurance can help you:

  • Provide income to handle expenses if something happens to you
  • Help make sure your family can stay in your home
  • Cover college expenses or pay off education debts
  • Leave money for your family — free from federal income tax

Without a doubt, your first priority in life is taking care of your children. It’s a good time to start thinking about their future.

Life insurance can help you:

  • Provide financial stability to help protect the life you envision for your children
  • Cover educational costs, such as college tuition
  • Better prepare those who will be counted on to help raise your children should the unthinkable happen
  • Set the foundation for your future financial plans

If you’re soon to be an empty-nester or a retiree, it’s about time to confidently take that next step in life.

Life insurance can help you:

  • Provide income replacement to preserve your family’s lifestyle
  • Protect co-signers, children or grandchildren from debt should anything happen to you
  • Cover unexpected long-term care or final expenses
  • Leave an inheritance behind

You’ve been working for this your entire lifetime and with careful planning you’re ready to make the most of it. Now’s the time to reassess how life insurance can provide security during your golden years.

Life insurance can help you:

  • Pay final expenses, such as estate administration and burial costs
  • Provide emergency funds by borrowing or withdrawing from a life insurance policy that carries a cash value
  • Help offset unexpected medical costs if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness
  • Leave a legacy to those who matter most to you

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